Skeletal Vessel 2013 Skeletal Vessel 2013, detail

Skeletal Vessel Wall Series 2013
69cm high by 24 cm wide
by 8 cm deep.
Clay mounted on found beach wood.

The work in this Series imitates the structure of a vessel in its formative stages; it could also be in a state of decay. The boat image as represented here could be either beginning on the journey of life or the afterlife, and as such it functions as a symbol of passage and transformation.
The "rusty nails" surface treatment and the girder like forms and textures of the boat structure heighten the idea of industrial decay. Like the ribs of a boat or the enveloping ribs of human/animal form, nature and culture become inter twinned in an eerie not quite recognizable object. References to ancient times and contemporary angst are commingled.