Resurgam 2010

Resurgam 2010 - - commission
23cm H x 69cm W x 20cm D

Resurgam: "I shall rise again."
The boat is the ultimate symbol of passage and transformation, it is a fitting vessel to hold the ashes of a beloved. The "pieced together" technique used to build this vessel has allusions to the many journeys and experiences of life, it shows some wear but also manifests the dignity inherent in life's journey. In this piece the dock (it could be called a bier) indicates a coming to rest. The multiple legs are supporting it and yet they are still - they allude to the former activity and movement of life. They are giving purchase to a safe harbour at last. The melted frit interior is a direct reference to water and our returning voyage on the sea of life.

Resurgam 2010, detail

Resurgam 2010 detail