"21st Century Ceramics In the United States and Canada"
Invitational Exhibition, Columbus, Ohio, 2003.

Didymous Series #8
38 cm l x 12 cm d x 38 cm h

Didymous Series #8, detail

Didymous Series #8 was handbuilt using a wooden push-through mold and assembled from multiple parts. Oxide wash and sprayed glaze. Fired to cone 6 in an eletric kiln.

Circinate Series, #3
47cm wide x 18cm high x 32cm deep

Circinate Series #3 was handbuilt using a wooden push through mold, it was then assembled using previously made multiple parts. Exterior has oxide wash, the interior has sprayed glaze and melted frit in the inner cavity.

Circinate Series, #3, alternate view

21st Century Ceramics was an invitational exhibition curated by Bill Hunt. The intent of this show was "...that there should be, at the beginning of this millenium, a significant record of the accomplishments of top ceramists." In conjunction with the exhibition in Columbus Ohio, a book featuring all 250 contributing artists was published. 38 of the artists were from Canada.