Laurie Rolland

Ninth Biennale Nationale de Ceramique 2000
Juried National Exhibition

Ab Intra Series #1 2000

Ab Intra Series #1 2000 - detail

Ab Intra Series #1 2000 - 54cm W x 23cm H x 19cm D

Ab Intra means “from within” in Latin. This title is of personal significance to me for it describes the method by which I work. Often a piece is guided by the process itself and not primarily by outward influences.

Connective Mythus 2000

Connective Mythus 2000 - detail

Connective Mythus 2000 - 60cm W x 20cm H x 7cm D

Perhaps if there is a connection to the infinite it is through symbols. Boats are vessels of transformation, symbols of passage and salvation.