March 5 - April 23, 2016
The ACT Gallery, Maple Ridge BC
Laurie Rolland, RCA 
and  Jane Duford Johnston
ceramics                                                       paintings

Installation at the ACT Gallery, Maple Ridge.
Photo Credit: Les Raskiewicz, ACT Gallery

Laurie Rolland  -  Artist's Statement
The work in this exhibition (and the portents surrounding each), is all interconnected through the pervasive theme of the Pull of the Tide.
A deep reverence for the natural world, combined with an interest in ancient earth-based religions informs these ideas and helps to unite the natural and cultural elements.

River of Boats
Boats were often seen and treated as vehicles of magical action. Here, they are representing passage from one realm to the next,
and the idea of containment emphasizes the maternal element.

Nest Pieces
This Series relates to the prevailing theme of the Bird in this body of work and the Bird’s significance in an ancient belief system that saw it as symbolic of the Female Creatrix.

Samaras - Wall Piece
Photo Credit: Les Raskiewicz, ACT Gallery
Samaras are the ‘winged’ seed capsules of Maple trees.
The concept of the seed taking flight; the plant becoming airborne  and imitating the bird cross references some of the other work in this exhibition.
Samaras - Wall Piece
Inflorescence Series
Inflorescence means “the act or process of flowering; a flower cluster, one that flowers collectively”.  This particular grouping of work deals primarily with the life/rebirth aspect of the life/death continuum.
Bird Warriors
The bird was a potent female power symbol. This grouping was conceived as a flock of birds come to rest on the shore, perhaps stopping on a migration route.
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